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Monday, 20 September 2010

Hayley and Neyo - an introduction

Hi there everybody! My name is Hayley Jeffcote and this is my first blog for Winergy Equilibrium!

I thought I would start by explaining a little bit about me and my gorgeous horse Neyo before anything else. I own a 16h 5yr old Dutch Warmblood Gelding who is ALMOST perfect! I looked at Neyo as an untouched 3yr old, wanting a ‘project’ but soon fell in love with him as well as feeling sorry for him! When I bought him he had been in a field with many other youngsters since he was imported from Holland until a week before we saw him. They were all in appalling condition and Neyo was so nervous he was sharing a small stable with a confident colt to gain some confidence! I knew he was the one when I saw him loose schooled and jumped.

Once I had taken Neyo home (and given him his name!) I spent every free second with him to bond and build his trust which to me was the best decision I made as he has always given 200% effort to doing what I ask, lucky me! I started backing Neyo in December 2008 and we have been out British Eventing since July this year. We started with BE80 and am now currently competing at BE100 with a consistent 8th place in my BE90s! No complaints from me!

I couldn’t believe my luck when I was asked to join a feed trial shortly after applying at Winergy’s stand at Badminton 2010, and we have loved every minute since. I have had constant support and regular updates from Winergy, allowing both Neyo and I to maximise all the benefits I was experiencing with the feed as it was. Check out my YouTube account at: 1989hayles1989 with http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0PDBUyQGTc  - the latest video is of Neyo and I at the Milton Keynes BE100.Please feel free to visit it and see the improvement yourself!

The feed plan was so easy and was tailored to Neyo’s every need as he has struggled so much with condition and energy as he has a very very laid back approach to life. The Medium Energy feed suits him perfectly, as it gives him everything he needs and I no longer have to give him a shelf load of supplements. I have one more Event of the season and have planned to do some Dressage and Show Jumping over the winter! I will keep you all updated via this fab blog and my YouTube site!

Thanks for reading, Hayley and Neyo xXx

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